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Who We Are

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We are two best friend moms who get together as often as we can, over a bottle of wine or three, to vent and laugh. We have nine children between us, from 19 all the way down to 1. No, seriously. We have potty mouths and plenty to say as it relates to parenthood. We discuss real life issues, as real life people. Our children drive us crazy which allows for some brutally honest yet, pretty humorous conversations! We know we aren't alone. We know there are other parents like us. We know you can relate to some of our stories! Listen, give us feedback, and share this with all the Winey Moms and Dads you know.



Behind the Scenes

Hey fellow Winers! My name is Lisa Cramer. I'm the wife of Jeremiah, mother of four biological children and step-mom of another. We have two girls and three boys, ranging in age from 19 to 6. Four of our five kids play sports and I also work full time in healthcare administration management.

As you can imagine, my life is chaotic to say the least. I love it and dread it everyday. It's the honest truth. No pretty facades here. Sometimes I don't like being a parent and sometimes I love it. But, I mostly love it.



Hey there Moms, Dads and Winos  - I'm Cassie Furst and I'm the mother of two biological

children and two bonus kids! My husband and I have been together since our kids were 2, 3

and 4 (now 9, 10 and 10) and we added to our family with the birth of little Penelope in

February of 2018. We also have a dog named Bella so it's a full house.


In addition to being a mom and wife, I'm also a teacher. When I'm not working, cleaning, or shuttling kids to soccer, baseball, or chess club, I'm podcasting with my best friend Lisa.  

I love my kids but I don't always like them (usually I do). I think parenting is the best job in the world and the hardest and I'm not down with sugar coating the ups and downs of parenthood.